Opportunity awaits…

The REPO4EU Horizon Europe project to build a European/Global Platform for Drug Repurposing
will kick off with the 1st International Conference on Drug Repurposing and you cannot miss it!
RExPO22 is the first installment in the RExPO annual conference series and will take place in Maastricht, The Netherlands, from September 2nd to 3rd

The Agenda

Redefining Disease

Organ-agnostic Medicine

Network Pharmacology

Artificial Intelligence

Regulation, Ethics & Safety

Rethinking Pharma

2D & 3D-printed Drugs

Precision Medicine

Clinical Trials

Our Speakers

REPO4EU and RExPO22 have partnered with professional societies, companies, patent attorneys, legal and ethics experts, clinical research organizations, regulators, payers, patient representatives and many more! We have multiple collaborations around the world who pool together their knowledge and know how to deliver the best possible outcome in the single major opportunity in drug development, i.e drug repurposing.

Some of our already confirmed speakers include…

What are you waiting for?

Networking has always been the prime focus of any scientific and business event and this one is both: high impact science and innovative business. We are looking forward to sharing this occasion with such a vibrant community of researchers and innovators!


Want to present a poster at RExPO22?

Here's your chance

You can now submit a poster abstract for the RExPO22 Conference!

Come share your work and get the chance to interact with other experts on drug repurposing. This is a fantastic opportunity to give your work international visibility and connect the dots. Best poster presentations will be awarded unique prizes!

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Practical Information

Where will the conference take place?

The conference will be held at Maastricht School of Management. The venue’s full address is Endepolsdomein 150 – 6229 EP Maastricht, The Netherlands

How do I get in touch?

For any topic related to RExPO22, please feel free to contact the conference office at

I want to present a poster - what are the steps?

You can find all the information on how to submit and present a poster at RExPO22 in our dedicated section here

I'm attending RExPO22 - where can I stay?

RExPO22 has arranged call-off codes for attendants in 2 hotels near the conference venue. Make sure to use code RExPO22 for a discounted fee!

Aparthotel Randwick
99 €


NH Maastricht
122.90 €


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