The Biomarker Discovery & Translational Research Lab @NHRF

The Biomarker Discovery & Translational Research laboratory at NHRF – National Hellenic Research Foundation  translates information into knowledge. For them, translational biomarkers, being molecular and digital entities, represent a key strategy for innovation and knowledge creation. Drug repurposing is a key component of their strategic plan. They best guide drug repurposing via multi-omics profiling of extracellular vesicles and exosomes. They apply:

  • Mass spectrometry-based multi-omics and EV/exosomal profiling.
  • 3D cell models, augmented microscopy and cheminformatics.
  • ADME-Tox in 3D
  • Machine learning, deep learning and computational statistics to disrupt healthcare solutions and empower biomedical innovation.

Their mission and vision fit a “one-stop-shop” model. They have launched Cloudscreen® in a partnership with CLOUDPHARM PC.