Lambda Life

Lambda Life, based in Bratislava, Slovakia, with over three decades of experience, is a leading provider of laboratory technologies, chemicals, reagents, and IVD diagnostics for research, clinical, analytical, and industrial laboratories. In 2018, Lambda Life established their R&D unit, collaborating extensively with academic and research institutions, focusing on biomedical, oncology, and immunology research.

Additionally, they operate The Center for Personalized Medicine, providing a holistic approach to patients with chronic diseases, including infections, immune disorders, oncological conditions, autoimmune diseases and more. This integrated CPM comprises a clinical laboratory for clinical biochemistry and immunology, along with an ambulatory sector providing consultations and programmes on immunology, allergology, metabolic health, microbiome analysis, and psychotherapy, ensuring personalized patient care. They cooperate as knowledge authority for the biomedical domain in development of zero-code artificial intelligence software for problem solving with knowledge mining bigRing Consulting Platform™.