Meet the Team

REPO4EU’s Coordinator, engaging in applied systems medicine, e.g., seed genes ranking, module generation and its precision diagnosis, selection of drugs for repurposing, clinical trial design and socio-economic value creation. The department of Pharmacology and Personalized Medicine engages in Systems Medicine, precision diagnosis and mechanism-based causal therapies by drug repurposing up to the the clinical validation stage. It is embedded within the School of Mental Health and Neuroscience (MeHNS)

concentris research management is specialized in the management of EU-funded research projects, carrying out the non-scientific tasks and providing support and consultancy services for scientists and researchers at universities, in businesses and research institutes from the first project idea to the successful completion. As part of the Project Management Office (PMO) at REPO4EU, they support the Coordinator and the consortium to fulfil all management tasks according to the DoA

The Max Perutz Labs (center for molecular biology) consists of 15 team members of 9 nationalities. They apply tools and concepts from network science to study diverse aspects of complex biological systems, with a particular focus on processes related to human disease. In REPO4EU, they contribute to the identification of the molecular network neighborhood that is perturbed in a particular disease and to the prioritization of potential targeted therapies

GeneSurge was founded in 2019 with a focus on diagnostic development and collaboration with pharma, diagnostic companies and academia. They drive research to to find suitable therapies for patients, through techniques based on qPCR, NGS and LFA. Their role in REPO4EU is performing NGS for cancer trials and involvement in bioinformatics

Clinical stage and mission-driven biotech company deploying the first neurodevelopmental disorders (NDDs) specific platform (DEPI) to bring precision medicine to patients with NDDs with a first application to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). STALICLA’s DEPI platform is the first clinically proven, systems biology based, AI-driven platform matching biologically-defined populations with tailored treatments. STALICLA DDS Unit identifies clinically and biologically relevant patient subgroups and matching drug treatments using DEPI platform which integrates omics and clinical data

Expertise on systems biology of infectious diseases and chemoinformatics, indication-specific module discovery, mechanistic analysis and modelling of virus-host interactions, mechanistic analysis of disease endotypes for precision drug repurposing and development of bioinformatic workflow and knowledge platform. Groups involved: Baumbach group, Grünewald group, Tsoy group, Zolotareva group

The Big Data in BioMedicine Group develops Machine Learning models and user-friendly software tools to integrate heterogeneous omics data. They use network-based models for unraveling disease mechanisms and drug repurposing candidates in cancer and other complex diseases. Within REPO4EU, they leverage their expertise in data integration to link preexisting resources for systems cancer biology into a joint platform

Invicol is a specialized medical technology company focused on the development and production of a medical device. They are developing the BMProbe – a medical device that is inserted into the patients’ cubital vein for the isolation of rare circulating cells. Their role in REPO4EU is to provide simple and cost-effective sampling and assay technology to identify patients for high precision mechanism-based intervention

Sciomics is a proteomics company with a protein biomarker development pipeline for precision medicine. Sciomics also offers scientific protein profiling services. The immunobased scioDiscover platform enables highly robust protein profilings on a variety of sample types with option of data integration, high sensitivities and PTM profilings. In REPO4EU, they focus on biomarker discovery, parallel biomarker verification and PTM profilings

IPTC is a research center created by UPM within their Telecommunication School following the initiative of a number of highly competitive and recognized research groups working in the fields of Electronics, Communications, Networks, Computing and Software, with a strong vocation for multidisciplinarity and internationalization

DiHeSys has developed and patented a 2D/3D drug printer enabling personalized medication. By bundling DiHeSys’ know-how in the field of pharmaceutical digital printing and formulation technology, system solutions are developed enabling physicians to prescribe and pharmacists to manufacture medication locally and on demand. For drug repurposing and clinical trial samples, digital printing is ideal: very small batch sizes can be produced quickly and with considerably less resource input and the issue of individualization is taken into account

H.M. Pharma Consultancy, founded in 2000, is an enterprise with a small physical footprint and worldwide activities that provides comprehensive services for drug repurposing and regulatory affairs. Our primary roles in REPO4EU focus on cross-sectional integration of technology assessment, prioritization of compounds and assurance of CMC compliance

IPSIS PACTIS provides specialist legal services relating to business development and commercial contracts with a focus on contracts in relation to IP and technology development, transfer and commercialization. IPSIS PACTIS has many different clients all over Europe who are active in the field of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biotechnology and other technical areas

Building upon 10+ years of experience, AUSTRALO is a marketing company providing services to thrive in the Lab-to-Market leap. Their mission is to accelerate the potential of landmarks in Science & Technology to transform real-life challenges, creating, communicating and delivering value to key stakeholders. They work with communities, thought leaders, researchers and entrepreneurs, advocating for a trustworthy, fair and sustainable data-driven economy

The Patient Research Unit, Medical Unit Endocrinology, Theme Inflammation and Ageing at KUH is the leading center in the Region Stockholm and a leading referral center in Sweden. It drives single or multi-centre intervention trials, as well as physiology studies, continuously conducts both IIS/IIT, phase II, and Phase III clinical trials and is fully equipped for clinical studies requiring in patient surveillance and for outpatient care. At REPO4EU, they supervise the REPO-HYPER II clinical trial

Brigham and Women’s Hospital is a major Harvard Medical School teaching hospital and academic medical center in Boston, Massachusetts. The Department of Medicine has been a major leader in and contributor to academic medicine throughout its long and storied history. They specialize in network medicine, systems biology, systems pharmacology, cell and molecular biology, biochemistry and regulating repurposing

The Phase I Unit of the Institute of Clinical Chemistry and Clinical Pharmacology is a study ward specialized in innovative early clinical research. The Study Center Bonn (SZB) is an association of all departments and facilities of the University Hospital Bonn performing clinical studies including the Clinical Study Core Unit that supports and coordinates the planning, preparation and conduct of GCP-compliant clinical studies of the campus

RI is a Research Center at the Interface of Law, Technology and Society, founded in 2011. RI Digital Human Rights Center is specialized on Data Protection by Design, Data Protection Impact Assessment and Human Rights Impact Assessment regarding the use of AI. RI’s role in REPO4EU focuses on ensuring GDPR compliance and providing a comprehensive Framework for Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) and Human Rights Impact Assessment regarding the use of AI

Arega Medical is the European R&D healthcare company that focuses on development and commercialization of repurposed drugs for untreatable diseases. They aim to address the society need for sustainable healthcare as well as the patient need for effective, tolerable and affordable therapies. Arega Medical has the expertise and experience to bridge the gap between fundamental science and patient access and needs. They support REPO4EU in developing the network pharmacology therapies into accessible treatments

Egnosis is the IT brand powered by Gnome Design Ltd. that delivers unique industrial software solutions by a close-knit team, contributing as a reliable partner in EU-funded Horizon Research Programs in the domain of bioinformatics and healthcare. As a bridge between science and industry, Egnosis strengthens the research projects with its more than 14 years of market-validated software development excellence, and its aim is to be a role model for high-tech SMEs by encouraging the business transformation from IT outsourcing services to the field of research and product development. In REPO4EU, Egnosis focuses on the platform requirement’s definition, software architecture, design and implementation and the integration with further IT systems.

3D-PharmXchange is a drug development company located in Tilburg, The Netherlands. They provide all core expertise needed within a drug development program, from identifying a lead candidate to leading development programs towards approval and have experience in the specifics of drug repurposing

Radboud UMC Center of Expertise for Thyroid Carcinoma is one of the leading centers for management of patients with aggressive forms of thyroid cancer. The Department of Internal Medicine Laboratory has identified the crucial role of autophagy in the pathogenesis of the most aggressive therapy resistant forms thyroid cancer, and is at the forefront of research on the role of innate immune response in the tumorigenesis and progression of thyroid cancer

MUMC+ is a partnership between Maastricht University Hospital and Maastricht University’s Faculty of Health, Medicine & Life Sciences. They aim to provide the best possible care and improving health in the region by integrating patient care, research, and education. The department of Clinical Epidemiology & Medical Technology Assessment (KEMTA) offers scientific support for (clinical) research: methodology and statistics, economic evaluation, patient reported outcomes, preference research, quality of care research, realist evaluation

ScienceOpen is a freely accessible, interactive discovery platform with over 80 million records for articles and books that puts research in context with a range of search filters and user tools. Embedded within this environment ScienceOpen provides services to academic publishers, institutes, researchers, and users, ranging from marketing and promotion, to metadata technical support, open access hosting and customized publishing solutions. They have a special focus on open access publishing, preprints, open peer review, and topical collections

BioLizard is a consulting company providing services in data science, bioinformatics, biostatistics, Machine Learning/AI, software development and data management, with a global network of customers and partners in fields such as medicine and healthcare, biotech and biopharma, (bio)physics, and more. Their role in REPO4EU is to provide biometrical excellence and biostatistical consultancy

University of Porto is Portugal’s second largest university and one of the most prestigious teaching and research institutions in the country. The School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences of the University of Porto (ICBAS), established in 1975, specializes on research and medical ethics, research integrity, data protection and privacy

Machine2Learn is a software solution provider with two focuses of vision inspection in industry and causal extraction in medical domain. They specialize in Machine Learning and AI, statistical modelling and (big) data analysis, and software development

The DIPG/DMG Center Zurich develops and implements improved therapies for children diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) or Diffuse Midline Glioma (DMG). The Program consists of a clinical and a translational research entity which resides within the Division of Oncology, University Children’s Hospital of Zurich, a nonprofit hospital supported by the Eleonore Foundation. In REPO4EU, they focus on DIPG/DMG in vitro models and clinical trials