About DrugRxiv

DrugRxiv is a pioneering preprint server specifically designed for the drug Rrepurposing community, and one of the key collections under Drug Repurposing Central, our publishing portal. DrugRxiv serves as an open community resource, enabling researchers to share early-stage results in the field of drug repurposing easily and openly.

A preprint is an early version of a scientific manuscript and also a powerful tool that authors can now share publicly online before undergoing formal peer review. This practice, a cornerstone of Open Science, accelerates the spread of research findings, fostering open access and peer review. In general, preprints can be posted:

  • before article submission to encourage open reviews and improve the paper’s quality before it is officially submitted,
  • at the point of submission to a journal to make results available during the sometimes long peer review process, or
  • at the time of publication as a postprint to make an open access version available.

The DrugRxiv submission system is uniquely equipped with automated checks to ensure scientific rigor and originality. SciScore evaluates the scientific quality, while Crossref performs similarity checks, aligning with the Open Science Strategy outlined for REPO4EU. Although currently funded and managed by REPO4EU, DrugRxiv is accessible to all researchers within the drug repurposing field.

Looking for a Premier Publishing Portal for Drug Repurposing Research?

Created as a joint enterprise by REPO4EU and ScienceOpen, Drug Repurposing Central is the premier publishing portal for researchers specializing in drug repurposing, network medicine and precision healthcare. Our portal  provides a comprehensive list of resources collating the latest research, and offers multiple publication channels, including preprints, journal articles, conference abstracts, reports, and books.

DrugRxiv, as a cornerstone  within Drug Repurposing Central, enhances the portal by allowing researchers to share preliminary findings rapidly. This unique collection supports the drug repurposing community by providing a dedicated space for early results, fostering collaboration and innovation.

Researchers can actively participate in sharing and discussion within an open review environment, powered by ScienceOpen’s innovative discovery infrastructure. Developed under the Horizon Europe project, REPO4EU, which aspires to establish a European Platform for Drug Repurposing with global outreach, Drug Repurposing Central offers unparalleled access to publishing and reading resources at no cost. This portal is steadfast in its commitment to advancing Open Science, ensuring the utmost integrity of research outputs through consistent use of persistent identifiers and XML standards.