The REPO4EU project spearheads the development of a European/Global Platform and Infrastructure for Mechanism-based Drug Repurposing. As part of this ambitious initiative, our RExPO annual conference series provides a fantastic forum for sharing cutting-edge research and fostering collaboration, blending high-impact scientific research with innovative business approaches. This year, our RExPO23 conference was held in Stockholm, Sweden, from October 25-26, bringing together over 115 attendees and featuring 8 poster presentations and 51 publications overall.

It was also an honour to welcome and host a stellar roster of 45 speakers from around the globe. Throughout the two-day conference, participants dived deep into topics like the potential of network and systems medicine in reshaping the way we understand diseases, the role of Artificial Intelligence in precision medicine and how regulation on drug repurposing shifts from a worldwide perspective. These discussions encouraged the search for innovative research directions, the establishment of brand new collaborations and the exploration of disruptive approaches in the field. The program also included sessions on supportive and neural networks, rethinking pharma and the latest developments in diagnostics & assays.

The event also showcased poster presentations and gave away a Young Investigator Award to celebrate fresh contributions from emerging researchers and young minds in the field. All selected abstracts, full presentations, and posters from RExPO23 are available under unique DOIs in our online collection on ScienceOpen

We would also like to extend our heartfelt thanks to our sponsors and collaborators for their generous support, which was instrumental in making RExPO23 a resounding success. This year’s RExPO was not just an event but a catalyst for future collaborations and innovations in systems medicine, AI, and drug repurposing. We eagerly anticipate the innovative partnerships that will surely emerge from this gathering of brilliant minds and look forward to seeing how these discussions will shape the future of healthcare and beyond.

You can now revisit RExPO23 through our conference highlights page or take a look at our REXPO23 video compilation.

See you next year!