The Euro-Global Platform for Mechanism-based Drug Repurposing

From low precision drug therapy to high precision curative therapy through real-world data, Artificial Intelligence and a platform offering every step from lab to phase II clinical

What we do

Network Medicine

Overcoming the roadblocks

From imprecision to precision medicine

The context


of newly registered drugs fail to provide benefit over existing drugs

Drug companies need to start curing, those who keep treating will disappear

CEO Novartis

Our Platform

Whether you need bioinformatics support for an unmet medical need, a registered compound, search a mechanism, explore your freedom to operate, need a patenting strategy or regulatory advice, need a business partner, a clinical trial test site for phase I-III or help with a business plan or all of this, we have the experts and global experience to help and work with you


In silico disease modeling

Virtual patient

Artificial Intelligence


Broad drug repurposing experience

Mechanism drug repurposing

De novo signaling module construction

New paradigm

For drug repurposing and therapy

Less animal work

Focus on point of care diagnostics for patient stratification and precision therapy